Moods and Myths Series

Myths are enduring because every person can respond to them with an individual interpretation without destroying the meaning of the myth itself.

I can look to the myth of Orpheus from the point of view of Eurydice: does she really want to come back and relive it all?
In Tobias and the Angel’s story I prefer to emphasise divine protection rather than the two protagonists.
Motherhood, the great myth, consists of glorious moments (hence the gold, the sky), but toil and pain too (the gold is distressed).
The two lovers’ embrace (from the fairly naïve ancient bas-relief of the Ara Grimani) has acquired cracks, destroyed slowly by time.
The midsummer’s night has, to me, a sinister but fascinating meaning.
But David - now only a bas-relief - goes on offering silent music and live roses to Bathsheba.