T. S. Eliot Series

My interest in, indeed fascination with, T.S.Eliot’s poetry goes back a long time, when I chose, as my doctorate dissertation, to write about “The Influence of Dante on T.S.Eliot’s Poetry”. Re-reading his poetry after a long lapse of time, I was prompted to translate into paint the vivid images this poetry presented to my mind.
I have not “illustrated” Eliot, in fact I don’t think it is at all possible.
It is my personal response, in a given moment of my own life, to his poetry. I have, partly subconsciously, followed Eliot’s own procedure (which he admired in Dante) of clear images, easily read, possibly as allegories. The meaning of these images is however not clearly defined in the context of the poems (or in my pictures). They represent the “determinate in the indeterminate”, leading, in Eliot, to an inevitably subjective interpretation. That’s why I chose not to respond to his poetry with abstract pictures. Colour, form - yes - but also the juxtaposition of apparently arbitrary clear images hopefully will lead the viewer to an overall feeling not inconsistent with the meaning of the poems.